The Business Solution for Railway Resource Planning and Monitoring

"Avoid never ending projects! We`ll guarantee that LocoPlan will be put into production within a few weeks after agreement and helps saving expensive engine and staff expenses soon after that. We`d be pleased to refer to our customer projects"

Geert-Jan Gorter, proLOGiT GmbH, MD

LocoPlan allows for efficient ERP along with high productivity in your daily operations.

Time axes are scalable per dragging while contents stay visible (zooming)

LocoPlan supports following application fields, either combined or isolated:

1. Scheduling trains, assigning locomotives and measuring movements
2. Planning and measuring jobs of engine drivers, shunters and wagon examiners
3. Administration of freight orders
4. Dispatching freight and wagons to transport relations and trains. Handling and Clearance.

LocoPlan enables scheduling, planning and assigning via drag and drop and monitoring - all together in real time, in a multi-user-environment. Diagrams are interactive and in motion. All relevant additional information is displayed graphically in context to the assignment time bars (like thin blue lines for multiple tractions, next/previous locations, delays).

LocoPlan allows for business performance analysis (KPI) as all planning and performance data are by the standard interface. For the purpose of business analysis, as a Qliktech Partner we use Qlikview interactive reports. We`d be glad to consult you in the field of accounting functionalities as well.

LocoPlan connects to mobile workers, customers and service providers by the catkin internet platform. Mobile staff integrates by smartphone apps. Data exchange between your operations and custom authorities - freight handling - or port and container terminal systems is realized by standard interfaces.

LocoPlan proofs to work highly ergonomic, stable and reliable since 2004 and is developing continuously in tight collaboration with our customers.

LocoPlan integrates into large-scale-systems.